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As a top-notch seller of Car Detailing Products, we, Yash Marketing, boast a good reputation and high brand value in Ahmedabad, and other major cities in Gujarat. Our primary objectives include revolutionizing the auto industry, locally, by helping car owners and service centers to maintain their vehicles. Our high-grade Car Care Products are super-effective in giving the desired results, making a car of any brand shinier, robust, and attractive in appearance, and its interiors swankier. We add more value to a car that is long-lasting.

What we do?

Automedik is our original brand of auto care products. It is one of the most recognizable brands in the competitive market. We use modern technologies to manufacture and test the products that fall under our brand.

Yash Marketing is a reliable Supplier of Car Cleaning Products from two prominent brands – Insta Finish and Menzerna. The products amazingly make your car anew. There is a remarkable enhancement in its appearance. You would be totally satisfied with the high-grade features of the products.

As professionals, we are also an Authorized Distributor of 5 certified brands of Car Care Products Online. The specific brands are:

  • Karcher
  • Max Shine
  • Ma Fra
  • Rupes
  • Magic
  • Auto Medik

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach as many customers as we can, ensuring top-quality Auto Detailing Products, focusing on the aesthetic, functional, and hygienic conditions of the cars. We want to work with car owners and dealers of every major national and global brand. Our vision is based on a relentless focus on making our brands more valuable in the industry and capturing a greater share of the market with dedicated customer support.

Our Mission

We have a simple mission – complying with each particular need of a car owner. Making a significantly positive impact on the industry is our priority. Moreover, as professionals with expertise in selling a wide range of Car Care Accessories, we grow innovatively, and don’t want to slow down the pace. We offer competitive rates for our products and we want to main it, improving customer satisfaction level.

Core Values

Our core values include hard work, innovation, sincerity transparency, and dedication. We serve our customers ethically. It is our motto that there should be no scope for any customer to complain about our product quality standards. Our strong, core business values concentrate on meeting the demands of customers without giving them any hassles.

All Types and Top Brands of

Car Care Products are
Available Online

Our detailing products give impeccably impressive results

We are aware that how valuable is a car to the owner. There is an emotional attachment to the vehicle, especially if it is the first car of one’s life. The results our top-rated Car Care Accessories ensure are practically amazing:

  • Making the car exterior getting rid of scratches and dents
  • Making the car surface shinier
  • Holding the car paint coats efficiently
  • Protecting the car exteriors against extreme weather conditions
  • Making the car interiors tidier
  • Maintaining good hygiene standards in car interiors

Our prolific range of Auto Detailing Products is perfectly suitable to deal with issues related to both car exteriors and car interiors. You can be confident about witnessing the desired results after correct application of the products by experts. There is no need to bother about anything. You car becomes magically anew. It is our guarantee.

There is a warranty on each product

We operate ethically within a regulatory framework. There is never any compromise as far as product quality is concerned. Yash Marketing provides a clear warranty on Car Cleaning Products, giving an assurance of superior industry standards of the products.

Available online

All kinds of detailing products we sell are available online. You can conveniently place an order for Car Care Products Online. The process is simple and doesn’t take much time. It is easy to pay online and get the products at your mentioned address. We ensure no delays except in unforeseeable circumstances.

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Feel free to get in touch with us. You can give a call or shoot an email. We are prompt in addressing customer queries and solving their doubts. We make your car more beautiful and functional!


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Why Choose Us ?

Are you searching for reasons to hire our services and buy our auto care products? There are specific factors that speak in our favour. Here is a list of attributes you can consider:

  • Extensive list of car detailing products
  • Each product is thoroughly tested and certified
  • Products are available for all kinds of car brands
  • Best price in the market with no hidden costs
  • Easy online buying provisions
  • Excellent customer support

We offer the best product rates

As a customer, you would be convinced with the competitive price tags of our auto care products. The prices are affordable from a practical standpoint. You don’t have to struggle with expense.

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